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Creating flexible platforms that can scale

GenreX was founded because we recognized there was a gap in the consulting environment. We have passed the point where a human being can curate data for a model manually. Organizations looking at Business Intelligence for answers are going to be outperformed by businesses who adopt emerging analytics methods and technologies. While GenreX does address specific business challenges, every solution we implement is designed to be applicable to multiple problems, as well as flexible and scalable. This now-and-in-the-future approach is sustainable, and leads to greater project success and higher ROI.


Taking a different approach to analytics strategy consulting

Your ability to compete in the future is going to be directly correlated with the execution of the analytics strategy you put in place. Most organizations struggle with the implementation of data science because it’s happening in silos. GenreX looks at your organization holistically to determine what your target operating model needs to look like relative to technology and analytics. We examine your assets, from legacy technology investments to your existing workforce, and identify gaps in both to create a value-driven, deployable strategy designed to enable data-driven business process automation.


Bringing technology and data science together

Identifying the right problems is only part of the equation. The ability to translate those challenges into testable, agile solutions is crucial. GenreX can quickly prototype, build, and implement a high-performance advanced analytics strategy for your organization with technology and workforce solutions designed to optimize the results of departments, divisions, and entire companies. Not only will you have the tools you need to succeed today; you’ll also be positioned to make the transition into the next technology cycle.


Creating competitive advantages with data science

Data science is now a business necessity, but data scientists can only thrive in an environment where they’re paired with the right business partners, processes, and platforms. GenreX curates implementation teams, bringing in the right amount of each skill and pairing that skill at the right time with the right technology so you can quickly transform the data you gather into a real and lasting competitive advantage.